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Vladimir Naumov (1897-1947)

Emile Naoumoff's grandfather was a renowned painter in Bulgaria. Take a look at the beautiful works ranging from portraits to landscapes.

Dr. Gueorgui Naumov (1923 - 2005)

Recently, long-lost short stories penned by Vladimir Naumov’s son and Emile Naoumoff’s father, Dr. Gueorgui Naumov, were re-discovered and published electronically, in Bulgarian (Cyrillic). It is now available in English. See below.

As a young general practitioner medical doctor he practiced in rural Bulgarian areas. Few decades later, he wrote a suite of short stories reflecting on this picturesque early experience of his in “The Tales from Pirgovo”.

His collection of short stories are now made available to the public.


Free PDF download (BG):

Free PDF download (ENG):

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