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“Je n’ai pas à enseigner Emile, j’épluche seulement l’orange…”
“I do not have to teach Emile, I only peel the orange…”

                                       Nadia Boulanger


"Emile possesses a divine gift and he is fully qualified to transmit and propagate the knowledge and ideals of Mademoiselle Boulanger. As a child prodigy, he grew under her kind tutelage. Now, in his turn, he has undertaken the task of passing on and developing her musical heritage. He is living testament to her grandeur and adds his own genius to hers, giving new life to this tradition and enriching us all spiritually and musically."

Irène, Princess of Greece


"From the very beginning of my journey, as a child prodigy, one finds, shining in full brilliance, the flexible longevity of the music teacher of the century: Nadia Boulanger. Time inexorably distances us from the decade captured in this narrative, but I will continue to attempt to convey Mademoiselle’s message for the duration of my voyage."

Emile Naoumoff



Text © 2015 Emile Naoumoff and Gregory Martin
Photographs and documents © Emile Naoumoff


All rights reserved. No part or content of this publication may be reproduced without the prior permission of the copyright holders. 


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